Gujarat is home to number of chemical based Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). However, there is no institutional mechanism for industries to interact with academic institutions for Research and Technology Development. The establishment of the Common Research and Technology Development Hub sponsored by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, IITGN (DSIR-IITGN-CRTDH) on Chemical Processes is one of the important initiatives for chemical industries.

Dyes, dye intermediates and textile are core chemical industries in India and mostly located in Gujarat. It is also the second highest export segment in the chemical industry and shares about 7% in the global market. Nearly 80% of the total dye production capacity of India is in the state of Gujarat due to the availability of raw materials and dominance of textile industry in the regions. Approximately 70% of the dye products from Gujarat are being exported to different countries. Gujarat have about 1000 dyestuff units in Ahmedabad, Vatva, Naroda, Odhav, Vadodara, Ankleshwar, Surat, Valsad and Vapi. However, the sector is performing very badly in terms of waste generation and its treatment. The environmental issue is also preventing manufacturer to produce new products as per market demand and expansion of existing products. The dye effluent contains very high COD and TDS. The release of untreated wastewater poses a threat to the environment and causes serious problem to groundwater and surface water. In addition, it is also water intensive industry (requires approximately 800 liters of water per kg of dye). Moreover, MSMEs are using age-old manufacturing processes without any effort to improve the water usage in the process. As water is one of the major problems in the changed climatic condition, reduction in process water will benefit the industry and society. To achieve aggressive growth of the industry, we are working on this major problem. Also, any improvement in manufacturing processes, reduction in water usage and waste generation will be a great contribution to our environment.

The DSIR-IITGN-CRTDH is working towards the development and customization of different dye and textile industries. A Process Technology Lab along with the pilot plant facility is developed for the dye and textile MSMEs. A multidisciplinary approach is taking to enhance the capabilities of MSMEs. The CRTDH is developing technological know-how for effluent treatment, waste reduction, process improvement, and testing products/raw materials. The help from CRTDH will strengthen MSME in the competitive market and expand their business. The DSIR-IITGN-CRTDH is expected to leverage the existence of different centres, high-quality labs, and Research Park at IITGN. The facility is a one-stop solution for many of chemical industries in the country.