Instruments are available with DSIR-IITGN-CRTDH:

  • ICP-MS- Trace elements
  • Fluorescence Spectrometer- Concentration of dye
  • Plate Reader- Micro-organism growth study
  • Spray Dryer- Drying
  • TOC- Total Carbon Content
  • BOD- Water quality
  • GC- Analysis of gases
  • Fermentor- Microorganism growth
  • HPTLC- Dye separation
  • Incubator- Micro-organism growth
  • Spectrophotometer- Quantification of dye
  • TNb, COD, TDS, TSS and pH measuring units

 In addition to the above, other institute facilities of IITGN such as X-ray diffraction, SEM- EDS, LC-MS, AFM, Confocal Microscopy, NMR etc and to do large scale simulation and modeling of various bio-treatment processes we have a commercial software called SIMBA, standard modelling software like ASPEN, ASPEN Dynamics, COMSOL, ANSYS and Matlab etc. which will also be accessible for research and development purpose.

ICP-MS and ICP-OES units available with DSIR-IITGN-CRTDH

Pilot Plant Facilities