DSIR-IITGN-CRTDH is working on

  1. Physical Treatment followed by Catalytic Oxidation Treatment of Industrial effluent.
  2. Bio/Electro Coagulation Treatment followed by adsorption technique for complex dye industrial effluent.
  3. Flocculation and Coagulation followed by Fenton.
  4. Coagulation of STP/ETP effluent by using waste utilized chemical.
  5. Color Removal by using Bio-Polymer.
  6. Continuous Manufacturing scheme for Reactive Dye/Pigment.
  7. Continuous washing process for Benzene based its derivative.
  8. Chlorination based effluent treatment technique.
  9. Microbubble followed by Ozonation for the treatment of Hospital wastewater.
  10. Organic and Inorganic salt separation by using fractional crystallization.
  11. Separation of Acid gas by using Counter Current Packed Absorption Column
  12. Sewage Water Treatment by using phytoremediation
  13. Anode preparation for advance Li-Ion Battery.
  14. Metal Recovery from Li-Ion Battery using Liquid-Liquid Extraction.